Lee Wyser

Lee Wyser
Somerset West
Somerset West

WEBSITE: www.guts2glory.co.za

Proudest athletic accomplishment? Winning Super sports women of the year in school and after school.
What’s the strangest thing a spectator has ever said to you while competing? 
Would you let your cat sleep in your bed
What characteristics do you most respect in your competitors?
Some of them are World Class athletes and celebrities yet they are so humble! For example:
Tammy Jackson, Lauren Leigh-Porter, Shameen Adams, Elton Horn
If you weren’t competing, what would you be doing? 
Rock Climbing, Triathlon’s, Trail Running, Horse riding, Sky Diving
Song title that best fits your personality/spirit?

If you were a contestant on Survivor, what would be your one comfort item from home?
My Cell phone!
Personal causes you’re involved in?
Guts 2 Glory – My passion, my life
Three things people don’t know about you? 
I am shy, I blush, I snore
BIO: Please write a paragraph or two on yourself & your background:
My sister Kimmy is brain damaged and I guess I have always had a passion for disabled people.
In High school a friend of mine’s mother worked at ST Giles home and when I had the time I would love to help the disabled folk swim or play basket ball or any type of sport.
One Saturday, I got the shock of my life when my youngest son Taylor injured himself on his quad bike.
A life guard phoned me and said he was taking my son to hospital. I have never prayed so hard in my life.
On arriving at the hospital, I saw the look on my sons face and for his sake, I had to remain strong.
I phoned my boss who at that time was SUE TOWNSEND from Kenza Health.  
I asked her to pray and she told me to lay my hands on Taylor. I felt a strange calm come over me. At that instant I prayed that if my son’s life was spared, I would dedicate my life to disabled people.
TODAY BY God’s grace, my son Taylor is a HEALTHY young man!!
Not long after that I started running races with an amputee Ntsi from Khayelitsha Athletics Club.
We met at the Gun Run. On that day I promised Ntsi THAT I would HELP him get a prosthetic and hopefully make the 2012 Paralympics. 

That was the birth of Guts 2 Glory!!
Every week-end for two years if we weren’t running races, we were competing.
Two years later and Ntsi has a prosthetic and a blade sponsored by Medi-Clinic and we have 6 world class athletes who have joined our cause.
My DREAM is to raise funds for disabled athletes and underpriveledged athletes and help them to make THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE!!!


Sport Achievements

Date Event Description & Venues Position
2008 IFBB Muscle Mania Body Fitness 1st
2008 WPIBBN IRON Man Miss Physique 1st
2008 WPIBBN Bodybuilding Over 52KG 1st
2008 WPIBBN Western Provin    
2008 IFBB Muscle Mania Body Fitness 1st
2008 WPIBBN IRON Man Miss Physique 1st
2008 WPIBBN Bodybuilding Over 52KG 1st
2008 WPIBBN Western Province Miss Physique 1st
2008 WPIBBN Western Province Over 52KG 2nd
2008 WPIBBN Sa's Miss Physique 1st
2008 WPIBBN Sa's Over 52KG 2nd
2008 IFBB Western Province Body Fitness 1st
2009 IFBB Muscle Mania Body Fitness 2nd
2009 WPIBBN Western Province Miss Physique 1st
2009 WPIBBN Western Province Over 52kg 1st
2009 WPIBBN SA'S Miss Physique 1st
2009 WPIBBN SA'S Over 52kg 2nd
2009 IFBB Western Province Body Fitness 3rd
2009 IFBB SA'S Body Fitness  
2009 Mr & Miss Fitness 35+ Bikini 3rd
2009 IBBN Worlds Miss Physique 4th
2010 IFBB USN CLASSICS Miss Bikini 2nd
2010 Shameen Clssics Miss Bikini 4th
2010 IFBB EVOX Muscle Mania Miss Bikini 1st
2010 IFBB GEORGE-KEM Body Fitness 2nd
2010 IFBB George - Kem Bikini   3rd
2010 WPIBBN Western Province Miss Physique 1st
2010 IFBB Western Province Miss Bikini 4th
2010 WFF Western Province Miss Bikini 2nd
2010 WPF Western Province Miss Bikini O40 1st
2011 IFBB Western province   Top 6
2011 IFBB SA’S   Top 8
2011 WFF Western Province O40 1st
2011 WFF SA Championships   1st
2011 Miss Fitness SA O45+ 1st