Eric Bakker

Eric Bakker
At a Glance- I went to school for the blind in Worcester. It was always my dream to be a professional cyclist. In high school, me and my brother built our own tandum and started to race. After many years of saving, I got myself a second   hand tandum. In 2007 we started to practice for 3 years. In 2010 we competed for the first time. I was born blind,but doctors only diagnosed me at 7 months with Glycoma.

Top Results 
2011 Highlights
WP cycling PD Tandum league
 2 x Gold
1 x Silver
1 x Bronze 
WP cycling PD League road race series 5
Overall 2nd, but 1st in Tandum 


2010 Highlights
 Die Burger cycling tour 92km –
Damaged tandum, walked 18km.
 84km Boland drukpers prettrap
 30km Engen dynamic cycle challenge
 2012 Cape Argus – damaged tandum
·         To be the best
·         To qualify for WP
·         To win Nationals
·         To race internationally

Wish List


 1.  Monthly cycling expenses: x 2 FOR BOTH RIDER AND PILOT


  • Hammer Endurolyte fix tabs 13’s x 6                     R360
  • USN Recovermax x 2                                           R390
  • Epic pro all in one x 2                                           R738
  • Usn Enduro carbs x 2                                           R240
  • Vooma x 6                                                           R150 


            Total:                           R  1878.00     per month 


2.  Extras needed: X 2 FOR BOTH RIDER AND PILOT 


  • NEW TANDUM                                                     R?
  • Racing shoes clip ons x 2 pairs                             R2600
  • Gloves x 2 pairs                                                   R300
  • New cycle helmet x 2                                           R800
  • Flashing light                                                       R500
  • Long sleeve second skins x 2                               R?
  • Racing glasses                                                    R? 


            Total:                           approximately  R   4200 +