Clifford Martin

Clifford Martin

At a Glance - In October 2010 I started bench press and by November I won my first 2 competitions  against able body athletes, December 2010 I received my WP colours and 2011 I represented WP at the SA champs, I’m involved in several different sport where I compete against both able and disables athlete’s.

Specification: "Country: South Africa Birth date: 30 October 1979 Height: 185m Weight: 45kgs Resides: Milnerton Cape Town Disability: Paraplegic Origin of disability: Motor Vehicle Accident Occupation: Student Sport: Bench press, shot put, fun runs & Body building Events: bench press, endurance, fun runs etc. Classification: F55 ".

Top Results

2012 Highlights

  • SA Championships - Broke SA record twice
  • WP Colours
  • SSN Challenge - WP winner
  • SSN Challenge overall winner
  • Shameen Classic - 2nd
  • BBSA - 1st
  • Many fun runs and medals

2011 Highlights

  • SA championship
  • WP Colours
  • DB Supplements challenge 1st
  • USN Challenge 1st
  • SSN Challenge WP winner
  • Many fun runs and medals

2010 Highlights

  • SNN Canal Walk bench press
  • SNN National champs
  • WP Colours for Bench Press
  • Several Fun Run Medals


  • WP Bench Press

Other Achievements

  • SSN Challenge 1st
  • USN Challenge 1st
  • DB supplements challenge 1st
  • Local gym Bench Press Challenge 1st
  • All this against able body sport men

To become the best in my sports and to hold at least 1 SA record.
Wish List
1.  Monthly Bench press expenses:
Supplements                          R750
Transport                                 R300
gym assistance and gym     R500
entry fee to competitions      R100

Total:                                         R   1650 per month

Supporting sponsors from previous events
Current Sponsors 
Zone Fitness,
QASA  QuadPara Association of South Africa,