Lee Wyser

Lee Wyser
Somerset West
Somerset West


Proudest athletic accomplishment? Winning Super sports women of the year in school and after school.
What’s the strangest thing a spectator has ever said to you while competing? 
Would you let your cat sleep in your bed
What characteristics do you most respect in your competitors?
Some of them are World Class athletes and celebrities yet they are so humble! For example:
Tammy Jackson, Lauren Leigh-Porter, Shameen Adams, Elton Horn
If you weren’t competing, what would you be doing? 
Rock Climbing, Triathlon’s, Trail Running, Horse riding, Sky Diving
Song title that best fits your personality/spirit?

Clifford Martin

Clifford Martin

At a Glance - In October 2010 I started bench press and by November I won my first 2 competitions  against able body athletes, December 2010 I received my WP colours and 2011 I represented WP at the SA champs, I’m involved in several different sport where I compete against both able and disables athlete’s.

Specification: "Country: South Africa Birth date: 30 October 1979 Height: 185m Weight: 45kgs Resides: Milnerton Cape Town Disability: Paraplegic Origin of disability: Motor Vehicle Accident Occupation: Student Sport: Bench press, shot put, fun runs & Body building Events: bench press, endurance, fun runs etc. Classification: F55 ".


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